land inventory is a detailed audit that involves determining the actual boundaries of land plots and registering the plots in the State Land Cadastre,

assessment of land tax payments and collection of information to determine

prospective revenues to the hromada budget






Podilskyi Land Centre has been carrying out land inventory since 2014.

During this period, it has gained practical experience in inventorying land of settlements, more than 25,000 hectares, including the city of regional significance - Chernivtsi, as well as motorways in Khmelnytsky, Ternopil, Vinnytsia, Poltava, Chernivtsi regions with a length of more than 3,200 km.

Inventory of land in settlements is an effective tool that allows collecting a large amount of relevant information and increasing budget revenues in terms of land tax, rent and land auctions. 

The land inventory work performed by our company is transferred to a geographic information system, which, in combination with high-quality data, is an effective tool for managing land resources.

A high-quality inventory also involves high-precision aerial photography of the territory and, if necessary, updating the topographic base.


The inventory identifies all land plots, including land plots formed in the SLC, for which no property rights have been registered and therefore no land tax is paid. Work is underway with the archive of state acts of all types, which digitise and determine the actual areas of land use.


As a result, the customer receives the exact amount, area and location of free land, as well as its possible intended use in accordance with urban planning documentation. The registration of such land plots within the inventory will bring millions in budget revenues to the community in the future.


Roads and highways

The inventory of highway lands provides for:
 - Establishment of road rights-of-way;
 - determination of the actual boundaries of land plots under motorways;
 - identification of third-party owners/users within the right-of-way;
 - monitoring of misuse of land in the right-of-way (ploughing, destruction of protective plantations, etc.);
 - collection of data on the main elements of the road (road axis, exits, bridges, pipes, landscaping, sidewalks, public transport stops).
   The advantage of conducting an inventory is also the creation of up-to-date cartographic materials, the formation of land plots and the entry of information about them into the State Land Cadastre of Ukraine.