a guarantee of high-quality inventory of land in settlements,

motorways, forest, water and nature reserve lands, updating the topographic base, establishing the boundaries of settlements

and other land management works



Aerial photography experience - more than 500,000 hectares  


To achieve a high-quality result, Podilskyi Land Centre Ltd,

 uses the best drones on the market:

FLIRT's unmanned system "Cetus" is a powerful tool specially designed for high-precision aerial photography

Main characteristics:


weight: 6-7 kg

speed: 65-120 km

flight altitude: from 75 to 2,500 m

time of one flight: up to 180 minutes

image accuracy: from 0.5 cm per pixel

camera: SonyA7R (36-42 Mp)

dual-frequency GNSS receiver

Matrice 300 RTK multi-rotor UAV

with Zenmuse P1 camera


Main characteristics:

weight: 6.3kg

speed: 15 m/s

flight altitude: up to 1,500 m

time of one flight: up to 55 minutes

image accuracy: from 0.5 cm per pixel

GPS, BeiDou, Galileo system

The accuracy of the obtained orthophotomaps


depends directly on the terms of reference and regulatory requirements for the performance of 

topographic and geodetic or land management works. For example, for a scale of 1 : 2,000, the resolution of an orthophotomap should be at least 5 cm/px

Advantages of use



in one day, the photographic team can take pictures of 1000 hectares of territory, which is equal to 300 km of roads 




instrumental survey is three times more expensive than aerial photography




survey results provide

not only the accuracy of determining the coordinates of objects, but also quality control over the results of work